The Founder




During the past 5 years, Javier Pastrana, Founder of Just To Please You (JTPY, LLC), has achieved proven results in the Entertainment Industry. His results driven approach in marketing maintain his Company’s presence among an ever growing industry.


Intensive commitment is reflected in all that is undertaken by Javier, making him an invaluable asset in the execution of programs, coordination of entertainment and selection of exquisitely accented décor, that is fully encompassed it’s avant-garde delivery. His innovative permutation of elements and alluring staging attracts the sophisticated and diverse consumer.


This is evident not only with the Belvedere Miami Gallery Walk  campaign, which is being showcased in the trendy, “downtown meets uptown” atmosphere of the Design District in Miami, but also in the three level Luxury is Reborn Launch at South Beach’s Paris Theater. This complements his association with the annually acclaimed South Beach Food & Wine Festival.  It was demonstrated at the Tenth Year Anniversary with “Let Them Eat Cake” … where guests drew together to savor the sweet self-indulgence at The South Beach Wine & Food Celebration co-hosted by the Royal Family of MOËT & HENNESSY USA.


Javier makes every effort to astound and captivate each and every guest at events, through his profound conviction and execution that nourish the senses. It is this motivating fire which fuels his unconventional and imaginative creations combined with a knowledge of high end culinary artistry and haute couture beverage labels. Javier creates and tailors the perfect union expected by his renowned clients. Visual concepts and presentation, blends with his enormous confidence and commitment in his product that has led him to exclusively offer his services to a selected clientele while consistently exceeding their expectations.


Prior to starting JTPY, his experience was shared with such celebrated South Florida venues as Starfish, Glam Slam and the Pacha Club and Lasso the Moon Catering. He joined Barton G.The Restaurant as Operations Manager, where he oversaw the redesign and construction of the interior and exterior of the restaurant and successfully interfaced with the City of Miami Beach getting all the necessary permits and licenses. During his tenure there, he opened the restaurant, became Beverage Operations Director before moving to the corporate offices of BGW Design Limited, Inc. (Barton G) as Director of Operations.


Among his extensive list of client programs completed, where some events capacity were 20,000 + guests, are Ford Motors, Federal Express Orange Bowl, Acura, Louis Vuitton, Discovery Networks, Volkswagen, PGA, USGA, CNN, AMEX and The Mills Xanadu, for both the Barton G. Culinary Division and BGW Design Production Divisions.