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Just To Please You did it again! Cenote™Tequila Global Premiere

Every stage of the creation of Cenote™ is a labor of love in Jalisco, Mexico. After the very talented jimadors trim the agave, their beautiful and hardworking mules carry the pinas to be baked where artisans infused all mothers nature's magic with sharp aromas, distinguishable taste, and a pristine texture, where Cenote™ Tequila is the spirit of choice.

The guests were greeted with the cinematic premiere of a Denis Lagrange short film set deep in the Cenotes of the Yucatan. They were then invited to taste the Blanco, Reposado and Añejo expressions which were paired with a range of Mayan chocolates while watching a video on the handcrafted production of Cenote™ Tequila.

Cenote™ Tequila, dubbed the “tequila with a soul” and the latest spirit introduced by Stoli Group, where Just To Please You sparkled The M Building transforming it into an indoor immersive brand experience that opened to an outdoor Yucatan jungle scene where entertaining the crowd into the early hours of the morning, rested with the international DJ’s, Charles Schillings, and twins, The S Brothers, that helped set the festive mood for all.

Branding, Decor, Catering, Libations & Gorgeous Front of Line Faces, walked hand in hand under Just To Please You direction ensuring a seamless event.

. . . Yours to Enjoy!

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