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casa morada


Just To Please You is proud to have been part of a wonderful weekend creating the perfect environment where Casa Morada was the luxurious witness to a private matrimony where the highest expression of love is shared between two. A union blessed by the four elements before a setting sun marks all future horizons for our friends. Celebrating with a leisurely dinner where the elements that combined exquisite balance and sophistication highlighted the beauty in every detail.


The play of light and shadow gave the dining area a romantic elegance that reflected off the majestic U Shaped royal mirrored table. Adorned with the overflowing floral sculptures that organically displayed massive branches with lush purple phalaenopsis and blue vanda orchids. The crystal candelabras and soft ambient lighting captivated the guests throughout the evening. After dinner, guests moved to a private lounge amid white leather seating where their Endless Summer and Endless Love danced them throughout the night. Guests were delighted by a fanfare of fireworks as they lit up the night announcing the stunning reveal of the tiered black cake butler passed by our staff members from the grooms’ hands.


It was a perfect evening where the love set the magic of the night that kept the ecstatic guests dancing well into the morning. Just To Please is honored to have such a great team locking all the logistics and preparation down, always striving to please our client friends


. . . Service is Our Pleasure!!! 

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