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Fully enjoying each and every single aspect of our creations…

Cartier’s roof top space became the blank canvas within the Beautiful

Avant-Garde Design District.

Getting to know the space intimately provides one with the vantage point, incorporating the rhythm and synergy of every line, every curve.

From the initial collection of pencil sketches, designing with shapes and textures to create the exquisite balance between light and shadows. Merging with breathtaking colors and intense textures that reminds us that there is no better creation that nature itself.

Employing both top-down and bottom-up approaches to design, we incorporate universal laws and principles with unmatched precision.

We genuinely craft one of a kind statements that radiate light beautifully, creating the magic which infuses a glamorous feeling for our guests.

We combined new design elements in unique and interesting ways, leading to an exclusive evening.

Our creation speaks for itself.

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